Copier Service & Repairs      860-206-1086

Pioneer Copy Service’s highly experienced team of factory trained technicians provide full product knowledge of the complete line of Ricoh multifunction B/W and color copiers. Each technician is armed with factory service manuals and service issued bulletins, the latest manufacturer’s knowledge base and the very latest versions of firmware for every copier they service.

Delivery, Setup & Network Installation

Free delivery, set up, and network installation is included with every machine Pioneer Copy Service places in service throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island.


Phone Support  860-206-1086

Are you having a problem with your Ricoh copier? Feel free to give us a call and one of our trained technicians will be happy to assist you.


Refurbished Copier Sales

We sell fully refurbished multi-function copiers that look and perform like new or your money back! Black/White,  Color, large, small, document feeders, stapling finishers, extra paper trays, fax kits whatever you need we can help. Give us a call.



Maintenance Agreements

Protect your investment and keep it running at peak performance with an all-inclusive Pioneer Copy Service Maintenance Agreement. The Pioneer Copy Service Agreement comes with performance scheduled maintenance intervals virtually eliminating down-time in your office and emergency service calls. 100% of all required parts, labor or supplies are covered throughout the Agreement term.

Copier Leasing

Pioneer Copy Service offers convenient leasing programs with terms of up to Five Years.



At Pioneer Copy Service we specialize in the following equipment:

  • Ricoh MP2550
  • Ricoh MP2550B
  • Ricoh MP2550SP
  • Ricoh MP2550SPF
  • Ricoh MP2851
  • Ricoh MP2852
  • Ricoh MP2852SP
  • Ricoh MP3010
  • Ricoh MP3010P
  • Ricoh MP3010SPF
  • Ricoh MP3010SPFI
  • Ricoh MP3010SPI
  • Ricoh MP301SPF
  • Ricoh MP3350
  • Ricoh MP3350B
  • Ricoh MP3350SP
  • Ricoh MP3350SPF
  • Ricoh MP3351
  • Ricoh MP3352
  • Ricoh MP3352SP
  • Ricoh MP3500
  • Ricoh MP3500P
  • Ricoh MP3500SP
  • Ricoh MP3500SPF
  • Ricoh MP3500SPI
  • Ricoh MP4000
  • Ricoh MP4000B
  • Ricoh MP4000SP
  • Ricoh MP4000SPF
  • Ricoh MP4001
  • Ricoh MP4001G
  • Ricoh MP4002
  • Ricoh MP4002SP
  • Ricoh MP4500
  • Ricoh MP4500P
  • Ricoh MP4500SP
  • Ricoh MP4500SPF
  • Ricoh MP4500SPI
  • Ricoh MP5000
  • Ricoh MP5000B
  • Ricoh MP5000SP
  • Ricoh MP5000SPF
  • Ricoh MP5001
  • Ricoh MP161
  • Ricoh MP161F
  • Ricoh MP161SPF
  • Ricoh MP171
  • Ricoh MP171F
  • Ricoh MP171SPF
  • Ricoh MP2000
  • Ricoh MP2000L
  • Ricoh MP2000SPF
  • Ricoh MP201F
  • Ricoh MP201SPF
  • Ricoh MP2352SP
  • Ricoh MP2500
  • Ricoh MP2500SP
  • Ricoh MP2500SPF
  • Ricoh MPC2000
  • Ricoh MPC2000SPF
  • Ricoh MPC2030
  • Ricoh MPC2050
  • Ricoh MPC2050SPF
  • Ricoh MPC2051
  • Ricoh MPC2500
  • Ricoh MPC2500SPF
  • Ricoh MPC2530
  • Ricoh MPC2550
  • Ricoh MPC2551
  • Ricoh MPC2800
  • Ricoh MPC2800SPF
  • Ricoh MPC300
  • Ricoh MPC3000
  • Ricoh MPC3000SPF
  • Ricoh MPC3001
  • Ricoh Ricoh
  • Ricoh MPC300SR
  • Ricoh MPC305SP
  • Ricoh MPC305SPF
  • Ricoh MPC3300
  • Ricoh MPC3300SPF
  • Ricoh MPC3500
  • Ricoh MPC3500E1
  • Ricoh MPC3500SPF
  • Ricoh MPC3501
  • Ricoh MPC3502
  • Ricoh MPC400
  • Ricoh MPC4000
  • Ricoh MPC4000SPF
  • Ricoh MPC4500 Aficio
  • Ricoh MPC4500SPF
  • Ricoh MPC4501
  • Ricoh MPC4502
  • Ricoh MPC4502A
  • Ricoh MPC5000
  • Ricoh MPC5000SPF
  • Ricoh MPC5501
  • Ricoh MPC5502

Our copier inventory changes daily, so please call (860) 206-1086 or email us at to inquire about availability, new inventory and special sale prices.

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